18+Real way to make money online

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18+Real way to make money online

February 15, 2022 by kashikhan7271

The purpose of this article is to increase your current income searches.There are many ways you can earn money easily from home.
Find some money in your income so that you can earn good money at home.There are many benefits to making money at home.
With this money you can meet your needs at home and give a strong balance to your life.
Here are some ways in which having a home-based business can help you make money and make your life easier.
After reviewing these methods, you can see what you are most interested in.
In this blog we will talk about real way to make money online so that you can increase your income from home and You will be able to increase your income.

How to make to make money online

Here are some tips to help you earn thousands of dollars at home and increase your income.
So, let’s consider these ideas.

#-1 Sell ​​your things online:

Selling your things online is a great way to earn a living from home.Find the essentials of your home and sell them online by finding their buyers on different sites.
Take pictures of your items in the highest and best resolution, Then research your products online to find out the price of your item and then sell your item.
You can earn money by selling items online from home and increase your income.

#-2 Become a virtual assistant:

Virtual assistants provide administrative services to clients from remote areas or from home.
Virtual Assistant handles many of the client’s responsibilities, For example doing online research and checking emails, etc.
As you know, online shopping is booming these days.
People sell their various products online on big websites.
You too can handle these responsibilities at home and earn money online. Virtual assistant jobs are available on many platforms, such as like Upwork, freelancer, and Fiver etc.

#-3 Become a Tutor online:

Subjects in which you specialize or in which you have more experience.
You can take advantage of this by offering online tuition on these subjects.Find students in your city or online from various websites who need your service.You can provide tuition services to these students and make money online.

#-4 Start a Blog:

Blogs are about writing about anything, the post you are looking at is also a blog.If you are interested in any article or want to write on any category, you can start blogging.You can make money by ade by attracting people who want to read your article.

#-5 Create an online store:

As you know e-commerce is very popular nowadays.You can also start your own online store and sell your products.

#-6 Create an online course:

If you specialize in anything and people are interested in learning that, So make your own course and sell it online. You can easily sell this course on various websites.

#-7 Start a vlog on YouTube:

If you like talking more and meeting people, So start your own vlog channel on YouTube. YouTube is a very good and real website that helps a lot in online earning. You can also earn money online by creating your own channel on it.

#-8 Create a Facebook page:

Facebook is a huge website and everyone in the world uses it.
Facebook, like YouTube, is a great online earning website.You can also sell your products by creating a Facebook page.

#-9 Typing jobs online:

Writing jobs require data entry from any company, You can enter data into your client’s.
Writing is a great way to make money at home.You can write a unique and fascinating article about something.If you love writing, you can start this job from home.

#-10 Make The E-Book:

If you have a passion for writing or you are good at writing, then start preparing your ebook.You can create your own ebook and sell it online.

#-11 Sale Photo:

You can take a picture from your phone and sell it normally. Yes, as you know, working online is very popular these days.People need pictures for their websites or for their projects. You can take a picture from your mobile and sell it online.

#-12 Sale video:

Like photos, videos are sold online.
You can make a video of your home or a beautiful place in your home or area and send it online different website.

#-13 Sell your old nots:

If you have any classes old nots then you can sell them online. You just need take a good picks your nots and upload it. There are many platforms on which you can sell your old nots online, The best of these websites is Study Pool.

#-14 Sell the domain name:

Selling domain names is a good business in the world of internet.Dominion means the identification name of a website which you can register from any platform and sell it online.You can register good domain names and sell them at a very good price.

#-15 Sell your Service:

You can sell your services at home and earn money from it.Many people nowadays prefer to work online.You can work for people of your choice, such as designing, editing ETC.

#-16 Cleam the reward:

There are many websites that reward you for doing a little different work.You go to such a website and receive your reward from them ways.

#-17 Translation Language:

Many business people need language translation for their business, and if you know how to convert any language to another language, you can earn money online from it.

#-18 Become a Graphic Designer:

We see at least ten Graphic daily.Every day many people need a graphic designer to advertise their product or anything.If you are interested in graphic designing, you can start this work and earn money online.CategoriesEducationTechnologyTipsTagsMake $1000 form homeMake money onlinemake money online no investment

Top Best Bank List in Pakistan/ Bank in Pakistan

February 8, 2022 by kashikhan7271

If you want to open a bank account in Pakistan, i have top Pakistani bank list in my blog.
The bank industry in Pakistan is 31 which are 5 are public sector bank, 22 are private bank and 4 are foreign banks.
As of 2017 total assets in the Banking Sector stood at $ 159.50 billion.
State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) is the Central Bank of Pakistan, this a very big and very responsible bank in Pakistan.
Structure of Banks in Pakistan
Banks in Pakistan are categorized as below.

Top list bank in Pakistan
Habib Bank Limited (HBL)
2 Meezan Bank
3 National Bank of Pakistan
4 MCB Bank
5 Allied Bank
6 United Bank Limited
Let’s see detail about these bank:

@-1 Habib Bank Limited (HBL):

HBL is the largest bank in the Pakistan. The founded of HBL in 194.It operates through its wide network of 1751 branches and 2007 ATMs and provides services in the areas of Branch Banking, Corporate Banking, Retail Financing, SME and Investment Banking services. The bank has branches in various countries including Europe, Australia, Middle East, America, Asia, and Africa.This very big scop bank in Pakistan, it is also no 1 bank in every list.

@-2 Meezan Bank

Meezan Bank is Pakistan’s first and biggest Islamic Bank which initiated its activities in 2002 in the wake of being given the very first Islamic Commercial Banking permit by the State Bank of Pakistan.
It’s works under the guideline of Islamic_Shariah and is perceived for its item advancement ability, Islamic Banking examination, and warning administrations. It gives a very big scope of Islamic financial and administrations through its wide organization. The 600 retail branch organization of in Pakistan. The Bank has been deliberated with significant acknowledgment from different neighborhood and worldwide foundations as the Best Islamic Banks in Pakistan. As of Dec 2017, the Bank has a sound Capital Adequacy proportion
of 12.89 percent.

@-3 National Bank

Founded in 1949 and is the largest Bank in Pakistan, It is also state-owned bank operating in Pakistan.
It has 1313 branches networking in Pakistan and a global presence in 11 countries and representative offices in China and Canada.
The headquartered of National Bank in Karachi.It gives both business banking and public area banking administrations and is a main player in the obligation value market, speculation banking, agribusiness financing, retail financing, and depository administrations. The bank is significantly possessed by the State Bank of Pakistan which is holding 75.20 percent casting a ballot rights according to the shareholding design as at Dec 2017.

@-4 MCB Bank

MCB Bank is one of the oldest and top banks in Pakistan. Founded in 1947 & was nationalized in 1974 as part of the Government of Pakistan.
It’s economic reform movement was later privatized in 1991. It has been awarded Euro Money Award, one of the best investment banks in Pakistan for two years (2016 and 2017). It provides commercial banking products and services in Pakistan, South Asia, the Middle East and Eurasia. The Bank is headquartered in Lahore, Pakistan.
The Bank has a client base of roughly 4 million and absolute resources of around Rs 300 billion and worked through a wide branch organization of in excess of 1100 branches.

@-5 Allied Bank

Allied Bank is fifteen largest and best commercial bank in Pakistan,
Founded it 3 December 1942, as Australasia bank.
It has won the another prestigious award and declared as Bank of the Year 2021 Pakistan by The Banker.
The headquarters of bank is Lahore. It provides commercial banking products and services in Asia China, United States, United kingdom, and other Europe country.
Allied bank is respond everything.

@-6 United Bank

Founded in 1959, United Bank is the oldest and largest commercial banks in Pakistan. It has 1330 branches in Pakistan, which is made the wide network. The branches of bank is 19th country’s.
The Bank is engaged in commercial and related services. The headquarters in Karachi, Pakistan.The Bank brags of a solid monetary profile and steady productivity
record and works in Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, Investment Banking, Treasury Services, and so forth The Bank’s portions are recorded on every one of the three stock trades of Pakistan and its Global vault receipts (GDR)
are recorded on London Stock Exchange. The Bank utilizes in excess of 10000 individuals and is focused on giving the best financial experience to its clients.